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Some people are quite reluctant to see a doctor who, like the podiatrists at our clinic, work extensively with soft tissue injuries. When you’ve just suffered such an injury it is very common to try and minimise the effects, walk it off, and avoid having to go through a proper recovery process. But while this approach of “playing hurt” has been lionised by sports movies and pop culture, in reality it can be a terribly risky choice.

Without proper treatment, you have a very high chance of reopening or reaggravating your original wound, potentially leaving you worse off than before. And even if you are lucky enough for the wound to heal on its own, it will almost never heal back the way it was before unless carefully fixed and treated by a doctor. Having an injury heal wrong is actually far worse for your biomechanics than just damaging it in the first place, so please make sure you visit our podiatry clinic in Camberwell for a proper assessment after any injury.

At Kew Podiatry we pride ourselves on having a wide coverage of specialist expertise; between them, our doctors can provide learned opinion and treatment on almost any sort of foot, knee, or ankle issue.  Our team is particularly well equipped to handle any sports injuries, as well as child and teen podiatry. With the latter in particular it is important to see a specialist if at all possible; young children’s feet provide them vital feedback as they build up knowledge of how to walk, run, and balance – in the case of any injury or impediment an expert can proscribe medical orthotics to help restore correct movement and ensure consistent development of their gait.

Kew Podiatry have been serving the community in surrounding suburbs for years, and are proud of the rapport we have been able to build with patients new and old. Every pair of feet is different, but by providing consistent, quality service we aim to remain your foot clinic of choice for years to come, improving our care as we grow to understand each individual patient and their feet. Call 03 9853 7836 today to arrange your appointment.

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